Who We Are

Many many people help out to make Thrill Day
a success. Here are just a few…

INES MARKELJEVIC  – Creator, Founder, Director 2007 – 2009, 2018 – Present
Ines is the Creator, Founder and Director of Thrill The World!  The event was founded in 2006 in Toronto, Canada and has now spread to six continents!  Every October thousands of  people/zombies around the world come together  to honor the genius of Michael Jackson and raise funds for charity.

KATHLEEN KELLEY – Managing Director 2010 – 2018
Kathleen is also the Event Manager of Thrill The World – Bay Area.  When she dons her human disguise, she is an artist and teaches art at Studio One Art Center in Oakland, CA — home of  the Bay Area’s Thrill Day! In her spare time she is trying to learn to play “Wild Thing” on the ukulele. If you’d like to see Kathleen’s personal website, click

TRICIA PORTER – Data and Reporting Specialist

Tricia was inspired to organize her first Thrill The World event in 2009 by her daughter, Christine, and managed events that benefited a local horse sanctuary until 2013. In 2011 Tricia joined the Thrill The World Global Team and continued to dance with local Thrill The World groups until a job change moved the family to Oregon in 2017. Throughout the year Tricia enjoys spending time with her family, three dogs, two cats, two horses and a chinchilla.

SHERI KINLEY Communications Manager

Sheri has been dancing since the age of five.  She performed dance routines on a weekly television show and she was also in television commercials.  Sheri took ten years of classical piano, participated in the piano guild yearly, was awarded the Paderewski award for piano achievements, and was a concert pianist at sixteen.  In college Sheri competed in water skiing and later competed in ice skating.  Sheri has been couples dancing since 2004.  A few of the dance styles Sheri enjoys are social ballroom, west coast swing, Latin, east coast swing, country two-step, and night club two step.  She has performed in various genres of flash mob dance routines in Seattle and has co-choreographed dance routines that she has performed on stage.  Sheri initially performed in Thrill The World Seattle in 2008 and has been the organizer and one of the dance instructors for the group since 2009.  Throughout the years the Seattle Thrillers have been raising money for various charities.

VICKI FRANKLIN  – Marketing Director 
Vicki has over 25 years of marketing experience. She has participated in Thrill The World in her hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida since 2010. Her business has also sponsored the local Thrill The World organization and the charities they support. Originally from Indiana, Michael Jackson has been a part of her life since she was a little girl. She is an avid runner and also a member of the dance team with the country’s largest adult marching band, “The Second Time Arounders Marching band.” Vicki’s goal with Thrill The World is to increase awareness of the event and enhance dance participant numbers to new records.

JACQUI MAGEE  – Jacqui is our rock, providing valuable advice when things get scary or confusing.  She also is the number one Zombie for Oakland, CA’s event. She lives with her zombie partner,  zombie daughter and 4 zombie dogs.  It’s all about the zombies.  Peacefully escorted out of Rite Aid once for dancing to “Beat It” in the aisles, don’t even think about playing “Thriller” around her without taking major precautions!  See her maniac dancing as part of the Bay Area Flash Mob!  BAFM grew out of the first Oakland Thrill Day in 2009 and return each year (hopefully) to teach and entertain. www.bayareaflashmob.com

Please donate to help our charities and cover our direct costs. Thanks in advance for your support!





What is Thrill The World? Thrill The World is a worldwide organization to celebrate the genius of Michael Jackson and his commitment to better the world.  Thousands of people in cities around the world learn the “Thriller” dance and perform it together on the day that Thrill The World takes place–Halloween weekend!
What’s the purpose of Thrill The World?  We want to bring dance to people all over the world. We want to remind everyone that before you believed you couldn’t (dance) you did. We want to connect the world, in fun, celebration and dance, and to show that you can do more than you think you can.  We think “Thriller” is the best way to reach the most number of people. As a bonus, on Halloween night parties, you’ll get to feel like a superstar in a movie when suddenly everyone erupts in choreographed dance!

In addition to sharing the joy of dance, the celebration of community and the passion for living, we created Thrill The World so that each event could be used to raise money for a local charity. Giving continues past just the steps of the dance, past the hands of Thrill The World to you, the participants. We want you to experience the gift of giving.

And lastly, our hope is that by witnessing and/or being a part of Thrill The World, you will see for yourself that any dream, vision, idea, passion you have CAN be realized. Who would’ve thought we could inspire the world to dance with us? At the same time! Nothing is impossible. Impossible just means it hasn’t been done yet. Do the impossible!

Why “Thriller”? 

2007 marked the 25th anniversary of the release of the “Thriller” album. It is still a popular and well-known video that crosses boundaries of language, culture, and geography. We believe that this is largely due to the amazing choreography. Don’t think so? Do the “roar” move anywhere, at any point, and without fail someone will yell, “Thriller!” The movements are iconic and easily recognizable.

Best of all, “Thriller” is an easy dance to learn, when taught the way Thrill The World teaches it. We could do the Chicken Dance, or Hokey-Pokey, or the Macarena. But it wouldn’t be the same as paying tribute to the humanitarian that was Michael Jackson. 

Why is “Thriller” so popular? What is it about “Thriller” that makes people like it?

-Michael Jackson. Need we say more? Okay, well here’s more… 

-Zombies have been – and always will be – awesome.

-Dance has been – and always will be – awesome.

-A sick base beat always helps make a song popular. It gets locked in your head!

-Let’s not forget that this music video was revolutionary for it’s time and is still unparalleled today!

-The first video that was a mini-movie, not just shots of the performer, well, performing on stage!

-The special effects scares everyone, even today–including kids!

-And lastly, it’s a great way to have fun and raise money for your local charity. 

Where did the idea for Thrill The World come from?

In October of 2005, Thrill The World Creator & Director, Ines Markeljevic, had read an article entitled, “Thriller at Dundas Square.” She thought that a large “Thriller” dance had passed her by. As luck would have it, she didn’t! “Phew! Glad I didn’t miss it,” she said to herself. A few days later decided to make it happen… a worldwide “Thriller” dance. The idea exploded and we broke world records!

How are you funding this project?

For each local event, any money that goes into the project has come from the generous pockets of Zombies just like you.  Funds are raised for charities and a small portion is taken just for baseline expenses, such as paper and ink for fliers, etc.  For organizing the international Team, a small fee is requested when each event is registered.  These funds go to the expenses involved in coordinating the international aspect of the event. Additionally, Thrill The World is always looking for partnerships or sponsors.

If your company is interested in being involved in a global community project that is inspiring others to break down barriers, connect with people of all religion, race, political and economic persuasion, contribute to helping humanity, encourage environmental stewardship and and support other people to step up as leaders, visionaries, and creators… then please contact us:  www.thrilltheworldbayarea@gmail.com.

How are you going to get the word out?

People tell people who will tell people who will then tell more people and so on… just as they have been since this project began. For the most part, word of mouth has been through online communications such as YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, blogTV, community message boards, emails between friends, search engine results and other social networking sites. Local press has helped in some places too. Occasionally the Thrill The World zombie crew will gear up and wander the downtown streets handing out flyers and dancing Thriller till they can dance no more! You’ve been warned!

How can people learn the dance?

You can learn the dance right here on the website. Our “Zombie Guide” section will teach you everything you need to know using videos, audio and the dance script.

Why do you use words? Can you do it with counts?

The  dance script uses words that describe the steps.  We have seen this makes it much easier to learn than just counting the beats, especially for “non-dancers”. .  Anyway, it’s more fun to chant “booty bounce” and “roar turn”  If you want to use counts, you can, but we recommend our script.

Anymore questions about Thrill The World–Bay Area?  Please contact us at thrilltheworldbayarea@gmail.com.  Want to start an event in another city/country?  Email us at thrilltheworld@gmail.com.