Event Managers:  the majority of questions can be found in the TTW Manual and Workbook.  Please read these thoroughly before sending us a question.  Anyway, these are the most popular questions we get–which are all found in the Workbook or Manual.

How can I find out if there is an event being planned in my area?  Our website has all the registered events.

If there is no event in my area, how can I start one?  Just follow the titles on the website.

How can I find a site for my Thrill Day Event?  Good question–finding a venue is the toughest part of holding an event so get started right away! Take a look at the Event Managers’ page, the Manual gives all sorts of information about hosting an event.

How do I raise money for charity by having a group dance Thriller?  Sponsors are great but hard to find.  Most event managers ask for donations during dance classes and on Thrill Day.  Check out the Manual for more info.

How do I let people in my area know I am planning an event?  Word of mouth is great.  The news media is important. Try social media such as Facebook and Twitter.  Use as many forms of communication as possible. Again, the Manual is the place to find the best information.

Do we have to be dressed like zombies when we dance?  No need to be a zombie but it sure is fun if you do!  For inspiration, please continue visiting our website and you will find all sorts of ideas.

Can we dance to another song or version of the song instead of the 5 minute 58 second version of Thriller?  Sorry, that’s what Thrill The World is all about, dancing to exactly the same music with the same choreography all at the same time.

I cannot get on the TTW website to register, can I still have a Thriller event?  You need to register to be counted for reaching our world record attempt.  Any problems, contact us at with the subject line “registration”.

I don’t have good internet connectivity. How can I learn the dance, can you send me a DVD of it?  Right now we are not selling DVDs.

What is Thrill The World?  Thrill The World is an annual worldwide attempt to break the Largest Simultaneous Dance with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Thousands of people in cities around the world will learn “Thriller,” dance and perform it together on the day that Thrill The World takes place.

What’s the purpose of Thrill The World?  We want to bring dance to people all over the world. We want to remind everyone that before you believed you couldn’t (dance) you did. We want to connect the world, in fun, celebration and dance. And to show that it CAN be done. It’s not impossible. It just hasn’t been done yet. We think “Thriller” is the best way to reach the most number of people. As a bonus, on Halloween night parties, you’ll get to feel like a superstar in a movie when suddenly everyone erupts in choreographed dance!

In addition to sharing the joy of dance, the celebration of community and the passion for living, we created Thrill The World so that each event could be used to raise money for a local charity.  Giving continues past just the steps of the dance, past the hands of Thrill The World to you, the participants. We want you to experience the gift of giving.

And lastly, our hope is that by witnessing and/or being a part of Thrill The World, you will see for yourself that any dream, vision, idea, passion you have CAN be realized. Who would’ve thought we could inspire the world to dance with us? At the same time! Nothing is impossible. Impossible just means it hasn’t been done yet. Do the impossible!

Why “Thriller”?  2016 marked the 34th anniversary of the release of the “Thriller” album.  It is still a popular and well-known video that crosses boundaries of language, culture, and geography. We believe that this is largely due to the amazing choreography. Don’t think so? Do the “roar” move anywhere, at any point, and without fail someone will yell, “Thriller!” The movements are so iconic and easily recognizable.

Best of all, “Thriller” is an easy dance to learn, when taught the way Thrill The World teaches it. We could do the Chicken Dance, or Hokey-Pokey, or the Macarena for a Guinness World Record… yes. But when Halloween rolls around, and you’re out at your Halloween party, you know “Thriller” will come on at midnight. And this year, you can have your very own movie moment when people you “don’t know” join you on the dance floor to do this “thrilling” dance!

Why is “Thriller” so popular? What is it about “Thriller” that makes people like it?

1.Michael Jackson. Need we say more? Okay, well here’s more…

2.Zombies have been – and always will be – awesome.

3.Dance has been – and always will be – awesome.

4.A sick base beat always helps make a song popular. It gets locked in your head!

5.Let’s not forget that this music video was revolutionary for it’s time and is still unparalleled today! The first video that was a mini-movie, not just shots of the performer, well, performing on stage!

6.The special effects scares everyone, even today–including kids!

7.And lastly, Thriller is the Halloween party anthem. Since Halloween shows up on the calendar every year, we are guaranteed to hear the song at least once a year for many a Halloween to come…and, of course, to see Funky Zombies rise up across the planet to dance to the greatest selling record of all time!

Where did the idea for Thrill The World come from?  In October of 2005, Thrill The World Creator & Director, Ines Markeljevic, had read an article entitled, “Thriller at Dundas Square.” She thought that a large “Thriller” dance had passed her by. As luck would have it, she didn’t! “Phew! Glad I didn’t miss it,” she said to herself. It was a few days later that Ines had the idea that if it did not happen, then she would make it happen… and it would be a worldwide “Thriller” dance.

How are you funding this project?  With L.O.V.E.   They say love makes the world go round.  We also believe it makes our planet a Thrilling place to be.  This project is possible due to the generous hearts, pockets & elbows   of Michael Jackson adorers worldwide.  People who truly believe in bringing the world together and making it a better place through dance, and Thrill the World is where they convene to make it happen!  Thrill The World is always looking for partnerships or sponsors.  If your company is interested in being involved in a global community dance project that is inspiring others to break down barriers, connect with neighbors and strangers alike, contribute to helping humanity, and supporting other people to step up as leaders, visionaries, and creators… then please contact us at

How are you going to get the word out?  Word of mouth. People will tell people who will tell people who will then tell more people and so on… just as they have been since this project began.  For the most part, word of mouth has been through online communications such as YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, blog TV, community message boards, emails between friends, search engine results and other social networking sites. Local press has helped in some places too. Occasionally the Thrill The World zombie crew will gear up and wander the downtown streets handing out flyers and dancing Thriller till they can’t dance no more! You’ve been warned! 😀 If you are an event manager check out our event manager tool kit for some helpful guides.

How can people learn the dance?  You can learn the dance right here on the website. Our “Learn the Dance” section will teach you everything you need to know using videos, audio and the dance script.

Why do you use words? Can you do it with counts?  The dance script has been written to make it easier for dancers of all skill levels to learn. If you want to use counts, you can, but we recommend our script.

Do we have to use the Thrill The World songs on the website? Can we use our own “Thriller” song?   version you need to use for your dance is the 5 minutes 58 seconds long version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and that one only. Some CDs have slightly different lengths, so if yours is 5 minutes 57 or 59 seconds, then that is the correct one. Make sure you check our audio page to download the versions for learning.

The choreography in the Thrill The World Teaching Videos looks different than the music video! Why is that!?  The choreography is a bit different from the music video. The Thrill The World choreography is true to the music video but the order does differ. For a Guinness World Record, participants have to dance for a minimum of 5 minutes. In terms of the actual movements we have done our very best to replicate the movements from the music video. There are only eight counts from the music video that are not in the Thrill The World version because they would not fit with the timing of the choreography.  Also, one head movement on the “booty bounce” that has been omitted because we found the average person finds it challenging to maintain not only the timing with the feet and the pelvis movement but to then add a head movement where your eyeline changes…! For most people it’s too much! When you perform “Thriller” outside of your Thrill The World event feel free to add the “head down” back in if you so wish.

The only other minor adaptation we had to make was to ensure the movements evenly filled the 32 count sections of music. In order to do that, a few moves had to be repeated four times versus the original three times (“down-ha”), or eight times versus the original four times (“snap”). The most important thing for Thrill The World was to keep integrity of the choreography as true to the original as possible while also finding a balance between making it accessible for the average person to learn the dance and participate in Thrill The World.

If you’re interested in seeing the differences for yourself, then we’ve got a whole video dedicated to explaining this in full, over in our videos section.

Why is it at that time?  Thrill The World will be held at exactly the same moment all over the world, meaning different times of the day depending on where you live.

Can we do it on either day? At any time?  No, because then your dance wouldn’t be synchronized with the other events taking place around the world and it wouldn’t count towards the world record attempt.

 Do we need a charity?  Dancing for the purpose of collecting donations for a charity of your choice is up to the event managers. We at Thrill The World believe that doing some good while having fun is a win-win situation for everyone and we encourage you to help make that change!

Do we have to apply for the World Record?  No. Provided you register your event with us and follow the rules outlined on our start up page – so important – you need not worry about applying for world record standing. We will take care of that–UNLESS you think you can beat our united world record individually or Mexico’s 13,000 zombie record.