Final Instructions

Hi Event Managers!

Hang in there, it’s time for your annual panic attack (at least that’s what happens with me every year)!  Give yourself a few days off and relax, then get back to it.

Check out our Workbook for a checklist on what to do, by week and on Thrill Day by half hour.

Rock on!

Kathleen Kelley, Managing Director

Event Manager Final Instructions
Final Instructions were written assuming that all Event Managers have reviewed the “Manual” and “Workbook” for detailed instructions.
I. Event ID #: Must be included in all correspondence in the subject line, on all documents sent electronically, on all hard copy forms such as on-site registrations and on all electronic formats, including YouTube videos. It’s surprising how few people follow this request and it causes a great deal more work emailing and zombie temper tantrums!
II. Thrill Time: October 28, 2017, 10 am and 10 pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). 
III. Time Zone Conversion Time: Go to: and click on “time zone conversion” (menu on the left). You can also go to, click on “meeting planner” under “time zone calculator”.
IV. Photo/Audio/Video:
A. 3 candid shots
B. 1 still overall photo of all zombies shot just before Thrill Time
C. One stationary video taken during the Thrill Time dance–Include all the zombies in one view–no panning, no close-ups,
V. Registration
A. Pre-registration–people who have registered online or filled out hard copy registration forms (attached) at dance practice
1. Sort pre-registration list alphabetically and print in spreadsheet format (see attached)
2. When pre-registered people come in, find their name on the list, have them sign next to their name
3. Put name on name tag. Name tag is worn on upper chest, not covered or in any other location.
4. No one is allowed to participate in any activities (such as dance workshops, makeup, etc.) without wearing their name tag.

B Walk-in Registrations–people who have not pre-registered
1. Have people read and fill out a registration form (attached). The form includes the waiver and can be used for both adults and underage dancers.
2. Have them sign a blank sign-in form (template is attached).
3. Put name on name tag. Name tag is worn on upper chest, not covered or in any other location.
4. No one is allowed to participate in any activities (such as dance workshops, makeup, etc.) without wearing their name tag.
C. Media and volunteers–Non-dancers also need to register and sign in so we can get their photo/media waivers. (Please see attached form below.) No one within the view of any cameras can be without a name tag because we need their permission to use their photos.

VI. Countdown:
A. is no longer our official countdown source. Please check out our countdown or set your watch.

VII. Thriller music. Use 5 min 58 sec version.
1. You can use your smart phones, laptops, and other wi-fi zombie devices.
2. About 25 seconds before “thrill time” the Vincent Price voice saying “Michael Jackson is the “Thriller, can you dig it? ahaahaaa” will be played as the que for all the zombies to get ready for “Thriller” begins.
3. “We are the world” will not play right after “thriller”.
4. Please test the reliability of your own internet connection at least once or twice before Thrill time. Phones, are not highly recommended unless they have a “flash browser–using “Puffin” and “Proton”
B.You can go to the TTW website: and watch the countdown clock. Worse case: in advance, set your watch or a clock to the exact time, to the second, and use that.
VIII. Count off: 20-30 minutes before Thrill Time, assemble Zombies and count how many people are ready to dance.
A. The best way to count-off is to line up the dancers in rows. The witness walks through the crowd, each zombie counts off consecutively down the rows beginning with number 1 and following through the group of zombies until the last person has been counted. This is the number you will report, not the number registered!
B. Make sure everyone has a name tag.
C. Keep people in the dance area until the dance is finished.
IX. Immediately After Thrill Time
A. Fill out Final Dancer Count Form, shared on the website (we will post the day before Thrill Day). Try to do this within 4 hours after your event or as soon as possible.
B. Post video on YouTube ASAP. (make sure it’s labeled correctly with your event number)
X. After Thrill Day
A. Send out your local news release with photo (template attached)
B. TTW will send out an international news release with final count and photos
C. Download photos and videos and keep on file.
D. Download spreadsheet of dancer pre-registration and keep on file.
E. Download description of charity and how much money was raised and keep on file.
XI. Event Reporting Form–The Reporting Form will be posted on the website after Thrill Day. This must be submitted by November 16 or you cannot be counted in the world record. The following information will be needed:
A. Link to 3 candid photos (use Picasa or other)
B. Link to 1 full group photo (use Picasa or other)
C. Link to YouTube: Video of dance, fixed, stationary–no panning, no close-ups.
D. Name of witness
E. Name of media representative/s
F. Count-off number (number of dancers)
G. Total Funds Raised
H. Total Expenses
I. Total funds given to charity
J. Name of Charity
K. Name of sponsor/s
XII. Keep on file: Keep the following documentation just in case the record submission is challenged, we might need to provide extra proof.
A. 1 still photo of the whole group dancing
B. Number of participants
C. Witness form (attached)
D Photo/video media release forms filled out (attached)
E. Video on DVD
F. Sign-in sheets (sample attached)
G. On-site signed registration forms
H. Signed pre-registration spreadsheet
I. Any print news articles or datebook listings
J. Description of Charity
K. Financial report
OPTIONAL: Sing “We Are The World”

ITHRILL THE WORLD-______________, 2017

Last Name___________________________________First Name____________________________ Approx Age_________ Gender:
Phone Number: Email_________
Mailing Address___________________________________________ City_____________________________ Zip Code________________
Emergency Contact/Guardian –Name and Phone Number:__________________________________________________________
I the participant/guardian, ______________________________________ (refers to ‘participant’ ‘I’ and ‘my’) acknowledge that there are risks associated with participating in physical activities and dance. My participation is completely voluntary and by participating I acknowledge that I am assuming all risks of accident, injury, illness and death which may occur during, or as a result of, participating in this event. I, the participant, agree on my own behalf (and on behalf of my personal representatives, heirs, estate trustees or assigns) to a) release, indemnify and discharge Ines Markeljevic, Thrill the World, INESSENS, the ‘THRILL THE WORLD BAY AREA event and or venue henceforth known as ‘the event’ and ‘the venue’, hosting the event including respective owners, organizers, directors, agents, employees, independent contractors, volunteers or legal representatives from any and all claims and causes of action (known or unknown) brought against you by any party arising out of my actions, including my negligence, while at the event, Thrill The World, INESSENS, the event and the venue are not responsible for any damage to, loss or theft of personal articles or property.

I the participant confirm for my image and likeness to be photographed, filmed or videotaped on October 28, 2017 in relation to the Thrill The World Event and is the property of Ines Markeljevic, Thrill The World and INESSENS.

‘Dismissal’ means that the participant must cease participation in the Thrill The World event and leave the venue premises immediately. In an effort to maintain a safe environment for all participants, staff, employees, volunteers, etc. and the media present at the Thrill The World event, we reserve the right to dismiss and remove any participant if you a) fail to follow the rules and regulations, b) cause a nuisance or a disturbance, c) commit any immoral or illegal acts, d) if we feel your actions may endanger yourself or others. We reserve the right to dismiss you without cause. Use of alcohol or illegal substances before and during the event is prohibited and will result in dismissal from the event and the premises. Participants in possession of alcohol or illegal substances before, during or while on the property of the venue hosting the event, will be dismissed and removed from the event and the premises. Legal charges may be pressed.
I have read the registration form & waivers, I understand the terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.
________________________________________________________________ __________________________________

Contact Person:
Telephone Number
Fax Number
Email Address
Web site address
Headline: World Record Attempt Dance to “Thriller”
City, State, Date — Opening Paragraph (should contain: who, what, when, where, why):
Remainder of body text – Should include any relevant information. Also include quotes from staff members, or other participants
(If there is more than 1 page use)
(The top of the next page):
Abbreviated headline (page 2)
Remainder of text.
Summarize the information one last time
History (try to do this in one short paragraph)
Restate Contact information after your last paragraph:
For additional information or a sample copy, Contact: (all Contact information)
# # #
(indicates News Release is finished)

Date: Saturday, October 28th, 2017
Thrill The World Is An Annual Worldwide Simultaneous Dance Of “Thriller” For World Records And Charity. A Global Tribute To Michael Jackson.
The Thrill The World NYC event is set for Saturday, October 29, 2016, from 5 pm-7 pm, at The Jackie Robinson Park Bandshell (Bradhurst Ave. and Edgecombe Ave, W 145 St.) being joined around the world with nearly 130 events in 16 different countries and counting. Go to To sign up to be a part of this historic worldwide event, there are classes teaching Michael Jackson’s THRILLER dance all over the city leading up to the big dance on the 24th! Thrill the World NYC is currently raising money for its event as well as for their charity The Pajama Program.
About Thrill The World:
The 2017 Thrill The World event is set for Saturday, October 28, 2017, 10 AM and 10 PM, GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
This year’s Thrill The World was an unprecedented global celebration of the life and music of Michael Jackson. Now in its 10th year, Thrill The World’s participant numbers have increased exponentially from the initial 62 dancers in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2006.
This incredible tribute to Michael Jackson was founded by Ines Markeljevic, a dance choreographer and instructor in Toronto, Canada. It is her unprecedented Thriller dance instructional teaching videos that make it possible for dancers, non-dancers, young and young-at-heart learn the dance in a very short time.
Thrill The World achieved the ultimate recognition in 2008 from Quincy Jones. He blogged, “Proof of the Thriller album’s continuing popularity and impact comes in the form of Thrill the World, a volunteer organization that exists to stage simultaneous dances of the song ‘Thriller’ around the globe.” In July, 2009, after the death of Michael Jackson, Jones once again acknowledged Thrill the World in an open letter to the media. He writes, “In every language on the planet, from prison yards in the Philippines to, will be the beautiful, grand legacy of Michael Jackson.”
Event Organizer: Kathleen Kelley
Telephone: 510-595–9425 / Email:

“Thrill The World 2017 MEDIA and VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT

Name of Event: _______________________ Location ______________ Event ID # _________
All Photographers and Videographers and non-dancing volunteers must fill in a separate copy of this agreement. Please email all photos and videos with the url link to __________________ (local ttw event email address) as soon as possible.
This agreement is between:
Name: ________________________________ I am a photographer/videographer or volunteer (please circle)
Company/Organization: ______________________________________________
Number/Street: ____________________________________________________
Town/City: _____________________________ State/County/Province: _______________
Country: __________________________________________
Your Personal Email: ______________________________
Telephone: ____________________________________________
I hereby give Thrill The World (TTW), Inessens, Ines Markeljevic, her heirs, legal representatives, affiliates and assigns, those for whom Ines Markeljevic is acting, and those acting with her authority and permission:
● The right and permission to copyright and use, re-use, publish, and re-publish photo and video materials (“Materials”) that I submit of my TTW event, composite or distorted in character or form, with certain restrictions (see subsection “Restrictions”) as to changes or transformations, or reproduction hereof in color or otherwise, made through any and all media now or hereafter known for illustration, art, promotion, advertising, trade, or any other purpose whatsoever.
● The permission to hand over such Materials to third parties, such as world record agencies, media and other individuals and organizations.
I understand that these Materials may be used worldwide for any purpose in perpetuity. I will not seek compensation for the Materials that I, freely and under no duress, provide for such use.
RESTRICTIONS Thrill The World (TTW), Inessens, Ines Markeljevic, her heirs, legal representatives, affiliates and assigns, those for whom Ines Markeljevic is acting, and those acting with her authority and permission, hereby affirm the following:
● No photo and video Materials that I submit of my TTW event will be changed or transformed in any way so as to be used pornographically, or to promote cruelty to animals, racism, violence against men, violence against women, or any other related hate-crime.
I hereby release, discharge and agree to save harmless Thrill The World (TTW), Inessens, Ines Markeljevic, her heirs, legal representatives or assigns, and all persons functioning under her permission or authority, or those for whom she is functioning, from any liability and responsibility should any third party violate the terms of this release.
I have permission to use the photography and/or video taken at the Thrill The World for my own non-profit use which includes promotional materials and media publications provided that I do not receive any monetary compensation or other compensation for my Materials. The Materials will not be altered, sold, re-sold or distributed except with the intent to promote myself as an artist or to promote Thrill The World. My photos and/or videos may be used for non-profit promotion of Thrill The World events in the future. I must credit Thrill The World, Inessens, Ines Markeljevic and in any sources where my Materials appear.
Photographer/ Videographer Signature: ___________________________________________
Date: ____________________________

2017 THRILL THE WORLD-___________________________ ID #________
October, 28, 2017 Time: 10 AM and 10 pm GMT
Name of Person Submitting Record: __________________________________ Date: _______________________
Witness Name: __________________________________ Phone ________________ E-Mail _________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Position and/or relevance to record: _______________________________________________________________
By completing this form you are attesting the information provided is true and accurate, that you
witnessed the event and there is no reason to believe what was witnessed was anything other than stated, i.e., there is no evidence of deceit and that any apparatus involved was not gaffed or rigged in any fashion.
Describe in your own words and in detail the event so witnessed (date, time, conditions, outcome, etc.):
NAME OF EVENT:__________________________________________________________
EVENT LOCATION:__________________________________________________________
EVENT ID: # __________
DESCRIPTION OF EVENT_____________________________________________________________
WHERE WAS EVENT SPECIFICALLY____________________________________________________
NUMBER OF DANCERS____________________
HOW WAS NUMBER DETERMINED______________________________________________________
LOCATION OF WITNESS DURING EVENT __________________________________________________________________________________________
SIGNED _______________________________________________

THRILL THE WORLD SIGN IN SPREADSHEET (all people, including pre-registered, must sign in)
THRILL THE WORLD ____(LOCATION)_______________ EVENT ID #_____________
_____________________ ___________ _______ _______________________________
______________________ ___________ _______ _______________________________